22 years

Badger History/Profile

Welcome to the Badger Metal Industries - one of the Best, longest established, diverse metal finishing company's in the Milwaukee USA.

We specialize in large volume production for some of the country's leading manufacturers, yet still offer the care and attention to detail needed to help a restorer with a personal restoration project. The company is still owned and run by its founder's family, ensuring vast knowledge and unmatched experience which has been passed down from generation to generation over the last 50 years.

We are based in 3,500 sq. /m premises in the Milwaukee, handling 12 processing plants and high-volume plating lines. We work with ISO9001 & ISO14001 approved systems. As a responsible organization, environmental issues are important to us and we are consistently looking for safer and environmentally acceptable processes and chemical solutions to help lessen the impact on the environment.

Badger Metal Industries provide a high quality, fast, efficient and cost-effective polishing and plating operation for a wide cross-section of components and parts, all operations being carried out to customer’s specifications. The companies' reputation has provided continual growth to the extent that they are now one of the most respected operators in the United State and have some of the biggest industry names in their clientele.


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  • 4021 S Kinnickinnic Ave St. Francis WI 53235
  • T: 414-482-4820 F: 414-482-4822